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  • MAKE YOUR STRAP ADJUSTABLE: The strap extender is used to add more rooms to yours while the band is too tight. It can extend your band length to about 2~4 inches.Change your earloop into headband.
  • EASY TO USE: Just attach the hooks on the extender to your strap loop, then use another strap loop hooks on your extender to attach to the hook loops on the another side of the extender.
  • COMFORT OF WEAR: Resafy Strap Extenders are made of soft and comfortable TPU, will not cause any discomforts to your skin,the edges could not leave skin indentations,can fit you well.It's anti-skid treatment on surface, so it would not loose or fall off.
  • It should suit you perfectly when you have a long time working. Wearing at work are more comfortable and don't fit properly without this device.
  • ✔EASY STORE: When you wear a mask for a long time and you still want to put it directly on the table or in your bag or pocket, you are out of fashion. This storage clip will tell you to give the mask storage.
  • ✔WIDE APPLICATIONS: In this special period, whether it is in offices, factories, schools, restaurants, or when eating or exercising, it is necessary to store the face cover by the mask holder.
  • ✔EASY USE: Place the mask with the mouth and nose contact surface facing up. Fold the lower part of the storage clip upward along the line . Then fold the storage clip left and right symmetrically. Lastly use the elastic cord to buckle the earloop holder.
  • ✔GREAT QUALITY: It uses clean and sanitary food-grade pp material with a dustproof and waterproof design that can avoid infection. It is durable and reusable.
  • ✔GIFT IDEAS: When you find that many things are too common as gifts, this one can definitely make your family and friends shine. You will get compliments for your cool and creative.

Mask Holder, Silicon Extend Belt for Face Masks:

- Easy to use: After wearing the mask, pull one of mask strap hook the extender gadget, then finish the other side.
- Relieving pressure and pain on the auricle during long-term wearing of a mask, it's necessary for this special period.
- A convenient thing relieves the ear pain and stress from mask wearing, it changes the supporting place rather than fixed on the ear.
- The adjustable head-girth meets the demand from kids to adults, avoiding ineffective wearing due to loose wearing, and ear pain caused by over-tight wearing.

Size: about 15.8 X 1..5cm
Weight: about 5g
Material: Silicone

Package included:
1 x Mask Strap Extender (Masks not included)

  • 【Safety Materials】The mask box is made of high-quality plastic, with mild tones, which is durable, clean, dustproof and waterproof. Ideal for storage of disposable masks for sustainable reuse.
  • 【High-quality protection】With good sealing, mask organizer can protect masks from dust and moisture, and can effectively prevent secondary pollution of disposable masks.
  • 【Portable】This face cover storage box is light and convenient, tailored for masks. You can put it in your handbag and use it at any time. Meanwhile, we provide mask storage clip folder for your outside portable carrying.
  • 【Capacity】For safety and hygiene, and to ensure that the mask is intact, each mask box can store 3-5 masks, and each mask storage clip folder can hold 1 mask.
  • 【Practicality】The mask box and mask folding clip are convenient for you to store, carry and use the mask. It is small in size and weight, suitable for going out to work or travel, and suitable for family daily and outdoor activities.